Water is the origin of our lives. As a sewer plays an important role in the water cycle, we promise to handle any issues with outstanding technology and the latest equipment.

  • Sewer Maintenance Management

    1. Sewer Maintenance
    Piled up sediment and oil lessen drain capacity and sometimes produce offensive odors and poisonous gas, which gives bad influence on people’s lives. Therefore, regular cleaning inside sewers is necessary. The standard cleaning is provided with a high-pressure washing truck, a powerful vacuum truck, and a water wagon. The high-pressure washing truck flows pressured water from the bottom to a manhole to collect soils inside pipes, so that the vacuum truck can take in all those soils.

    Sewer Maintenance


    2.Inspection Camera Systems
    In order to get a grasp of sewer system conditions, engineers use inspection camera system. Technicians insert the camera inside pipes, and check up on the condition and videotape everything on a monitor. These recorded data is essential to operation and maintenance in the future.

    Inspection Camera Systems


    1)Foreign object removal inside sewer and manhole
    The ultra high-pressure system and robot cutters remove foreign substances such as roots, mortar, seal, and protruded pipes, to recover pipe function. Foreign objects inside manhole are removed by hands to recover cracks and damages as well as to prevent water invasion.


    2)Prevention of an invasion of water
    Water invasion to inside manhole pipes and sealed joint is dealt with pouring cement after V-cut process to repair the water stop system, as well as for the water invasion inside sewer pipes.Prevention of an invasion of water

    3)Repairing the water stop system and cracks
    FRP and ASS methods handle a small amount of water invasion, cracks by repairing inner surface of pipes after roots removal work. A pipe lining machine repairs inner damages with UV train.

    Repairing the water stop system and cracks


    4.Pipe renovation work
    Pipe renovation work recovers its function and restores pipe strength lacking by rain, cracks from agricultural and industrial water, and deterioration to the strength beyond existing pipe level. This also works for manholes damaged by deterioration and eroded by Hydrogen sulfide.


    5.Side ditch cleaning
    Soil mounted on a side ditch reduces the drain capacity, and also produces offensive odors. Especially when it rains, it could cause traffic obstruction that affects people’s lives, thus, it is a necessity to clean the soil regularly. A high-pressure cleaning truck, a powerful vacuum truck, and a water wagon are used to clean closed circuits, and a powerful vacuum truck cleans open ditch.

    Side ditch cleaning

  • Waste Disposal

    1. General waste and Industrial waste disposal
    We collect and transport general waste and industrial waste disposal.

    General waste and Industrial waste disposal

  • Other cleaning operations

    1. Building pit cleaning
    We clean and check up on tanks, like underground sewage tank and laboratory wastewater tank that are equipped under buildings, using a special infection vacuum truck.

    Building pit cleaning


    2.Water tank cleaning
    Drinking water tanks and reclaimed water tanks are cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner, and dispose sewage by residual water disposal device. Also we maintain damages on inner surface of those tanks at the same time.

    Water tank cleaning


    3. Other building drainpipe cleaning
    Technicians change equipment such as wire snake, ultra high-pressure cleaner, chemical, and pig, according to the conditions to clean pipes within a building.

    Other building drainpipe cleaning